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First Visit

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the child's first visit to the Pediatric Dentist should ideally be at his first birthday and for sure not later than 3 years of age. This necessary for prevention, protection of primary teeth against caries and to ensure the health of the permanent teeth that will erupt at a later time. This is also done for psychological reasons, as a routine examination is a much simpler and more pleasant experience than a tooth filling, or even worse, than an extraction. Furthermore, it helps to build up a good relationship between the child and the dentist. The first visit to the pediatric dentist happens at the age of 1 for the prevention of tooth decay and to ensure the health of the permanent teeth. Before a child's first visit to our clinic, we recommend the parents not to try to prepare them, as this often leads to stress and fear and may eventually has the opposite results than what was indented. We would recommend them to give just a simple explanation, such as "We will go to the doctor to count your little teeth" or show them little stories or some cartoons with the dentist.

At a child's first visit at the Happy Tooth clinic, parents should at first brief the dentist for its general health, in order for her to proceed to the examination having a full picture of her young patient. Then, our pediatric dentist continues to the examination, which is done in the form of a game, making sure that the whole process is a pleasant experience for the child. Specifically, our pediatric dentist does the first preventive check, a tooth cleaning and a fluoridation of the teeth, while she can also do a radiographic examination, if she deems it necessary. At the Happy Tooth Clinic, parents are usually encouraged to stay in the examination room during the whole process. But in some cases, the dentist may judge that preferably the parent should leave the room-always with their consent-for the benefit of the procedure. At the first visit at the pediatric dentist an examination in the form of a game takes place, which is a pleasant experience for the child.

After the first visit

After the examination at the first visit, our pediatric dentist gives parents the necessary instructions for maintaining a good oral hygiene and if a problem is identified, she makes a treatment plan according to the case and needs of each child.

At the end of the first visit to the pediatric dentist parents are given the necessary instructions to maintain a good oral hygiene