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Proper Diet

Useful tips for proper nutrition to ensure optimal oral hygiene.

  • Avoid frequent consumption of sugary and sticky foods, such as candies and lollipops, because the frequency and quality of food is a determining factor in the appearance of caries. If you consume sugary foods, it is recommended to rinse your teeth with a little water afterwards.
  • Avoid the consumption of packed fruit juices with a high sugar content and replace them with natural juices or better with water.
  • Care of the proper use of the baby bottle, because children sleeping with the bottle in their mouth are at risk of developing heavy tooth decay. After taking the desired amount of milk, it is advisable to clean the teeth with a gauze moistened with water to remove any milk leftovers.
  • In some cases, for a more effective treatment of a patient, it is recommended that the parents complete a daily diet diary.