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In the following circumstances the dentist should extract the primary teeth:

  • when primary teeth are completely destroyed from dental caries and they cannot be restored or they have abscesses that could be fatal for the patient’s life: In many cases dental caries has destroyed the most part of the tooth that is beyond restoration with a filling or a special crown. In other cases, the oral bacteria have been through the root canal and have penetrated the bone and created an abscess. In both cases the dentist should extract the primary teeth to protect not only the oral but also the general health of the patient. After the extraction, the dentist should maintain the space with special appliances so the back tooth won’t move forward and take the space that is for the permanent successor.
  • when permanent teeth erupt with the primary teeth falling out: It is very common for the anterior permanent teeth to erupt with the exfoliation of the primary teeth, especially in boys and in the mandible (lower jaw). In this case the dentist should extract the baby teeth to give the time and space to the permanent teeth to come in their right position in the dental arch.