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Orthodontic Issues

In Happy Tooth Dental Clinic we treat orthodontic issues that belong to the following categories:

  • Space maintenance issues: When a tooth has been extracted prematurely due to caries, we need to maintain the space for its permanent successor. If we don’t, the back teeth will move forward taking up all the space and eventually causing important problems to the occlusion. In Happy Tooth Dental Clinic,we make the appliances when the extraction wound is completely healed and they are custom made by our lab technician. The patient should wear them until the permanent tooth erupts, when they are easily removed. They do not cause any problems in speech and mastication (speaking and eating). The patient can easily clean them with his/her toothbrush.

  • Orthodontic issues that appear in the age of 7-8 years, when the first molars are fully erupted, mostly cross bite issues.

In the normal occlusion (bite) the upper teeth close out of the lower teeth. There is a high percentage of children though that either on one or both sides the upper teeth close inside the lower teeth. This is called cross bite (the patient bites like a cross). If this happens in the primary dentition in most cases we do not need to intervene. But if this is happening with the permanent molars as well, in the age of 7-8 years old, then the dentist needs to expand the upper jaw (maxilla) in order to achieve a right occlusion and to promote the natural growth of both dental arches. This is achieved with special “retainers” that the patient will wear for some months, 2-6 months. These retainers could be removable or permanent according to the dentist’s judgment. These retainers are a first step orthodontic treatment but the parents should be aware that a second step with permanent braces may follow.