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The pediatric dentists of Happy Tooth Clinic place sealants on the surface of primary and permanent molars in order to protect them from getting cavities.

The sealant is a flowable composite that contains fluoride. It is placed on the surface of first permanent molars when they erupt at the age of 6. It closes all the pits and fissures in that surface so food and oral microbes cannot be trapped in them and create cavities. This will last for 3-4 years until the danger of cavities is minimized. There is no tooth invasion and the risk of getting cavities is minimized by 80%, according to dental researches!


Dental decay (caries) is the creation of little holes on the surface of the tooth. It is caused by the acids that the teeth bacteria produce after sugar consumption. The holes could be small white discolorations or huge black ones. The most common place that caries are presented in a child’s mouth is in the contact point between the back teeth. In any case of dental caries the dentist should remove the infected dental tissue and place a filling material to close the existing holes.

In Happy Tooth Pediatric Dental Clinic we use only white fillings. The composite materials are of the best American (3M) and Japanese (Tokoyama) dental firms.

For the best oral rehabilitation and for the patient’s safety we use always a dental rubber dam. This is an elastic plastic that isolates the teeth from the soft tissues (lips, tongue etc) to avoid chocking, soft tissue trauma and bleeding and the patient to feel maximum safety.

In the case dental anesthesia is necessary (injection), a xylocaine (anesthetic) gel is used prior to the injection so the patient will not feel severe pain. Also with special handling we avoid sight of the injection from our little patients. We recommend to the parents of the patient to avoid telling him/her of the injection because most of the children have previous traumatic experiences (pediatrician, blood exams). We can explain to our children that they will feel numb (sleepy tooth) for some time after the filling.